Welcome to the Brooklyn Smallbore Rifle Club







The Brooklyn Smallbore Rifle Club (BSRC), established in 1915, is Wellington’s oldest smallbore target rifle shooting club. Originally based in Brooklyn, the club is currently shooting at the Royal Tiger range in Newtown. 


Target shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of age, gender, size, strength or fitness.  For the new shooter, we offer training, equipment and guidance for you to try it out and see if it’s your thing.  The rifles we use are dedicated, precision target rifles which are extremely accurate over the 25 yards that we shoot indoors (they’re also perfect for outdoor target shooting which is done over a distance of 50 metres).  If you come along and then want to carry on, there are the regular club training nights as well as plenty of shooting competitions in the club and against other clubs. 


We shoot indoors from March through to the end of October so it doesn’t matter if Wellington is blowing a gale outside, we can continue to shoot regardless of the weather.


If you're interested in shooting... check out this page

Our next Visitors Nights are on 7 July, 25 August and 13 October 2024 - if you wish to come along on any of those nights then please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST