Congratulations to Megan Brodie and Ellie Mazey on recording new PBs yesterday (98.4 and 92.3) respectively.  Great shooting!

Many very impressive scores were shot this week, starting with best on the rest Jason scoring 94.4!  Ellie Mazey top-scored in D Grade with 92.3 ahead of Finn Ashby 91.3 and Jaz Hamilton 91.2.  Megan Brodie’s 98.4 was highest in C Grade, followed by Cassie Truscott 96.1 and Inge Little 94.1.  The top-shot position in B Grade was shared this week between Casey Israelson and Stephen Thessman, both recording 98.6.  And in the higher grades Erin Little’s 99.6 just edged out Meredith Ackrill with 99.4.  The tight competition between these two continued in the 20-shot match with Meredith scoring 197.14 to finish five inners ahead of Erin on 197.9, while Stephen Thessman took 3rd place with 195.9.

Members were emailed a list of upcoming WSRA representative matches last week.  Please ensure you check through this list and advise the WSRA selector before the opt-out deadline if you are unavailable for any matches.  Representative badges are awarded to those competing in more than half of any one of the categories.  Brooklyn host the first representative match on Sunday 26 July, which will involve two 10-shot squads for D Grade and one 20-shot squad for B Grade.  Scores can count towards the club competition as long as the squad card is marked “Comp”.

The deadline for Rounds 1 and 2 of the closed champs competition, as well as Round 1 of the Triple SSS (secondary schools) competition, is also Sunday 26 July.  If you have any queries regarding the Triple SSS competition, or other secondary schools matches, please contact our college coordinators Stephen Thessman or Craig Fair.

Brooklyn are rostered to run the Wellington Open Champs from 10.15am to 12.15pm on Saturday 11 July.  It is hoped that as many members as possible will help out, and also compete, in these champs.  If you are using club equipment and shooting in the champs, please advise the club equipment coordinator, Mark Robinson, so that your equipment can be taken out of storage prior to the champs starting, and if you would like coaching please let Meredith know so that she can schedule this into the roster.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 10 / Saturday 11 July, Wellington Open Champs.
  • Saturday 18 July, Manawatu Open Champs.
  • Monday 20 July – Round 1 interclub, all grades.
  • Saturday 25 July, Levin Club Open Champs, Baden Street, Levin.
  • Sunday 26 July, deadline for Rounds 1 and 2 closed champs.
  • Sunday 26 July, deadline for Round 1 Triple SSS (secondary schools) champs.
  • Sunday 26 July, Interassociation D Grade, 8.00pm + 8.45pm, 2x10.
  • Sunday 26 July, Interassociation B Grade, 8.15pm, 1x20.