Many thanks to everyone who helped out at, and/or competed in, the Wellington Open Champs over the weekend.  Congratulations to the following Brooklyn members on their successes:

  • Finn Ashby – 1st D Grade overall, and top Wellington D Grader (281.8)
  • Mark Baines – 1st B Grade overall, and top Wellington B Grader (296.16)
  • Becky Baines –1st Master Grade overall, top woman overall, top Wellington Master Grader, top Wellington woman (298.18)
  • Becky Baines – 2020 Wellington Open Champion (497.28)
  • Becky Baines, Mark Baines, Erin Little – 1st in teams event (891.50)
  • Becky Baines, Mark Baines, Evan Little – competed in the Final 10

There were also a number of other scores where, while the shooter was not a prizewinner in their grade, their result deserves mention:

  • Jaz Hamilton – 4th D Grade (273.4)
  • Inge Little – 4th C Grade (283.11)
  • Stephen Thessman – 5th B Grade (291.14)
  • David Grain – 6th A Grade (293.13)
  • Evan Little – 7th Master Grade (295.14).

Congratulations to Finn Ashby on recording a new 20-shot PB yesterday of 191.8.  Very impressive!

The 20-shot competition was extremely close this week, with the highest SIX scores all being within one point.  The top three, separated only by inners, were Meredith Ackrill 197.13, Erin Little 197.12 and Bex Baines 197.11.  Jaz Hamilton scored best in D Grade 95.2 ahead of Jack Day 93.3.  Only inners separated the highest scores in C Grade: Inge Little 97.4, Cassie Truscott 97.3 and Hamish Guthrey 97.1.  And the same applied for B Grade: Stephen Thessman 97.3, Mark Baines 97.3 and Mark Riley 97.2.  Becky Baines led the higher grades 99.6 ahead of Meredith Ackrill 98.3.

Those shortlisted for Round 1 of the interclub competition have been notified, with the teams being selected on Thursday 16 July.  If you are shortlisted, and are not available, please let me know by 7pm Wednesday 15 July.

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday 18 July, Manawatu Open Champs.
  • Monday 20 July, Round 1 interclub, all grades.
  • Saturday 25 July, Levin Club Open Champs, Baden Street, Levin.
  • Sunday 26 July, deadline for Rounds 1 and 2 closed champs.
  • Sunday 26 July, deadline for Round 1 Triple SSS (secondary schools) champs.
  • Sunday 26 July, Interassociation D Grade, 8.00pm + 8.45pm, 2x10.  Team named Friday 17 July.
  • Sunday 26 July, Interassociation B Grade, 8.15pm, 1x20.  Team named Friday 17 July.