Many thanks to Craig and Ursula for hosting the club's end-of-year BBQ prizegiving yesterday. The weather was perfect, there were a large number of members and better halves present, and the event was a thoroughly enjoyable way to socialise, celebrate, and wind up the indoor shooting season.

Congratulations to the many who were awarded club trophies, and also to the runner ups with a good number of the trophies being won by the slimmest of margins. The committee will be considering possible changes to the competition rules for 2015 with a view to enabling more shooters to complete the club competition. Possibilities being contemplated include removing restrictions on filling in gaps, or knocking off a small number of lowest cards shot throughout the season. All ideas welcomed - please email to Dianne prior to 7pm on Wednesday.

At the Champion of Champions match on Wednesday, Neakiry Kivi finished 2nd in D Grade to Ruby de Silva, Stephen Thessman was also 2nd in C Grade to Fraser Barclay, Maor Ben-Shahar was 3rd in B Grade behind Andrew Feely and Lee Bramwell, Ross Little won A Grade, and Pratik Tailor was 2nd in Master Grade behind Neil Kinsey. Congratulations to all of you on being our graded club champions and having the opportunity to compete against other clubs graded champions in this match.

The WSRA prizegiving dinner was held on Saturday night. Brooklyn were awarded the Wright Cup and the Open Interclub Shield, Wellington Central won the Osmond Shield and the B Grade Interclub Shield, and South Wellington were awarded the C Grade Interclub Shield. However the Witcombe & Caldwell Trophy was going to be a very close competition: points are awarded to clubs for Osmond Shield, Wright Cup, interclub shields, but also for club members achievements in Champion of Champions, interclub individual aggregates, and closed champs winners, which makes the winning of the Witcombe & Caldwell Trophy a real club membership achievement. Therefore it was extremely pleasing for Brooklyn to be awarded the Witcombe & Caldwell Trophy on Saturday night - congratulations to everyone on a fantastic result.

Another huge thank you to all members for completing their grading returns. We have four members moving up a grade next year (David Grain, Callum Osborne, Jialin Sae-Jiw and Neakiry Kivi) and only one moving down a grade, so congratulations on continuing to improve. We will have a good spread throughout all grades for 2015.

1st Karori Venturers have booked a social shoot for 7.30pm on Wednesday 26 November. Preliminary indications are that numbers could be as high as 40!! Please put this date into your calendars as we need as many members and helpers along to assist as possible. It is hoped squads will comprise 12-14 shooters so we'll need four coaches and a range officer per squad, target changers, four markers, a check marker, scorekeepers, entries and squadding, target changers, safety briefers, etc. This social shoot will be a good boost for our club funds, but also offers such a large number the opportunity to have a go at our sport. If you have borrowed club equipment for the summer, please ensure it is returned to the club for this night, particularly rifles and earmuffs. Could those assisting please also bring personal earmuffs.

Brooklyn are on cleaning duty this month - this will be undertaken at 4.30pm on Sunday 19 October. Please bring vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, etc - as usual, the more helpers, the quicker the task is completed.

Outdoor shooting has now commenced. This takes place at the Allen Range in Trentham on Saturday mornings from 9am until approximately 12.30pm. The distance is 50m and shooters contend with sun, mirage, wind, and stamina as matches comprise 60 shots plus unlimited sighters. If you are interested in having a go, please contact David Grain.

Upcoming events:

  • Sunday 19 October: Cleaning duty at Royal Tiger Range, 4.30pm. Please bring vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, etc.
  • Wednesday 26 November: 1st Karori Venturers social shoot, 7.30pm. As many members and helpers as possible to assist.